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• Better than Mozart!
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Give your baby a jump start to understanding math and physics concepts faster and easier
Feel confident knowing your baby has the earliest possible advantage in learning
Help your baby build a better foundation for the early understanding of: space, distance, time, proportion, depth perception, cause & effect, motion, problem solving, and more...


Introducing the MusicMath System

The MusicMath System is a revolutionary new method of using musical tone sequences in perfect mathematical symmetry to portray math formulas and physics concepts.

Through listening to the tones, your baby can actually gain a head start understanding of the fundamental concepts of math and physics - before s/he even learns language!

The music itself outlines the concepts of Spatial Relationships, Symmetry, Distance, Proportion, Motion, Depth Perception, Inclusion, Resolution, Cause & Effect, Binary Relationships, and more.

"As far as we know, this has never before been created. Using the new "pitch/rhythm" mapping technology, anecdotal research is showing signs of increased synapse connection in the developing infant brain.

This is big news, as it opens the door many possibilities such as preventing or minimizing the onset of Autism, or Alzheimers or brain trauma.

In healthy babies, it may very well help to improve cognition and lay the foundation for accelerated learning."
- Jay Oliver, Internationally-renowned musician & Co-founder, SmartWav Research


> CD #1: (0 - 6 months)
• Reinforces learning and retention through repetition
• Features the innovative "Pitch/Rhythm Mapping" technology,
> CD #2: (6-12 months)
• Introduces space, dimension and movement
• Reinforces "cause & effect" by applying both complimentary and opposing musical events
> CD #3:(12-18 months)
• Reinforces the fundamentals of math by introducing time, beats and rhythm
• Introduces binary relationships and natural tendencies
• Introduces 'similarity and difference' by using repetition and variance
> CD #4:(18-24 months)
• Features the "Movement Suite" where the music imitates the physics of movement
• Uses musical notes to create "if/then" scenarios
• Combines two simultaneous musical elements to demonstrate binary relationships

> Insert Booklet with details and tips for best use.

+ BONUS MP3 instant Download of all 4 Discs!


Unlike the "DVD-Babysitters" that are video based, the MusicMath System™ Audio Series plays safely in the background as relaxing ambient music, while at the same time encouraging your baby's intellectual development.

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