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music for preemies

Music has a long standing history of being beneficial to babies, even if its just serving as entertainment or a pleasant distraction away from fussier moments. Music can stop a baby from crying, music can help expand your baby’s thoughts and imagination, and music can help your baby fall asleep. Now with newer technologies and research, doctors can now measure the effects music has on a baby’s development, specifically, premature babies. Specific music recordings have been shown to dramatically increase the developmental health of premature babies.

What Parents Should Consider before Choosing just any Music for Preemies or Newborns.

Music can have pain-relieving effects for babies. This has been confirmed by a recent study by Juanita Keck, a professor at the Indiana University School of Nursing, who said that “One can trace a pain inhibition pathway from the ear through the auditory neural pathway to areas of the brain known to be involved with pain inhibition, including both the intensity of pain and the negative emotional and distress components of pain.” These findings are on the front line of ground breaking research into how music comforts, heals and helps evolve a newborns brain.

An upcoming NICU study is set to begin in late 2011, and will determine the growth and developmental benefits from preemies who were given music therapy while inside the isolettes. This music for preemies and newborns study is set to take place based on observations in the NICU that have showed dramatic rejuvenation of neuronal cells when this specific music therapy was given. The theory is that the same music technology will likely be beneficial for premature infants, and promote/ensure better synapse formation in the brain, and expedite the infant’s overall development. For more information on the specific music for preemies and newborns being studied, click here to learn more about the MusicMath System CDs >>.

Womb Service!

There can be no debate that the womb is an entirely nurturing place. It is the biologically perfect incubator for new life, whether human or animal. An infant born prematurely will be deprived of this important place of development, and will become dependent on the environment provided by the intensive care unit. Most all NICUs are well equipped to provide the infant with everything s/he needs for the best possible nurture and development. Now, recent developments and studies are indicating that playing specific music for preemies will allow them to gain weight faster and develop better if s/he is played this advanced music therapy – specifically – a sonic emulation of the intrauterine environment. In other words, the sound of the womb. Studies show increased oxygen saturation levels, healthier sleep patterns and weight gain in the preemies who were played womb emulation music therapy. As well, the music showed a decrease in irritability. Irritability causes stress, which in turn uses up calories too quickly, making it more difficult to gain the necessary weight. This advanced music for preemies and newborns also improved the infant’s sucking ability, and increased head size (directly correlating with brain size and future cognitive abilities). Overall, the music helped to shorten the amount of time the baby spends in the hospital.

Are Lullabies the best Music for Preemies?

No. Lullabies, while pleasant to listen to are actually the wrong kind of audio to play to help your baby feel comfortable and begin to relax. Remember, your baby is now in a completely new environment and longs for the familiarity of their former home – the womb. Creating an effective womb simulation environment has been a challenge to researchers and parents alike for many years. From mothers swaddling their little one to varied academic attempts using lullabies. Both approaches have some degree of effectiveness, but neither accomplish what the BabySleep System manages to provide – which is an almost immediate reminder of the womb environment.

Coming to be known as the most accurate womb emulation music is the BabySleep System™ by SmartWav™. It features the “WombEffect” audio technology, which is currently being used and researched at select NICUs and schools. These observations are so positive that the BabySleep System music has been chosen for clinical study to measure it’s effects on preemies. In the NICU, the isolette/incubator is a substitute womb. Doctors and researchers are now aiming at improving the preemie’s substitute womb environment by including an accurate ‘audio’ representation of the womb. From this study we expect to see better growth stats of the infants that received the womb music vs those who do not.

In general playing music for preemies and newborns is shown to have multiple benefits, and it’s only a matter of time that NICUs across the world will embrace this therapy and offer – as part of their service – music for preemies and newborns alike.


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