The Mozart Effect: Latest Tips for New Parents


Can the Mozart Effect help my Baby?

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What is the Pitch/Rhythm Mapping Technology?


Pitch/Rhythm Mapping is a groundbreaking new audio/music technology developed

Baby’s Brain Wiring : Latest Tips for New Parents


brain wiring

“Much of a baby’s brain wiring doesn’t happen until after birth.”




Did you know?

• The brain is the least developed organ at birth,
but at 3 years old it is 90 percent of it’s adult size.
• The most important factor in your baby’s brain wiring
from birth to 3 years of age is the input s/he receives from his/her daily environment.
• Babies who do not get enough love and attention in infancy are less
likely to be well-adjusted adults.

That means what happens between birth and 3 years old is significant. Interactions with people, experience and repetition are the best ways to get your baby to learn. Also experiencing music can be a very effective input for your baby.

Synapses and Brain Wiring

When your baby is born, he has about 100 billion neurons. The connections between these neurons are what builds your baby’s intelligence, and they are called neural pathways, or synapses. For the first few years of your baby’s life, these connections are making and breaking every second. These connections are the complex circuits that shape our thinking, feelings and behaviors. At the same time, the brain goes through a kind of housecleaning, and weeds out the synapses that don’t get used or stimulated. It’s called “use it or lose it”. It is this 3-4 year crucial process that determines your baby’s intellectual development. You might find it amazing that a toddler has twice as many synapse connections as an adult! If you are able to provide your baby with excellent language-enriched experiences and loving care, you will give your baby’s brain a higher opportunity for better hardwiring.

From the moment your baby is born, his five senses are awake and alert, taking in every piece of information possible. Every experience you can provide for your baby’s senses help build the connections that will guide his or her brain wiring development. Each child is entirely unique and no two brains are alike. Your baby will develop individual pathways that conform to her experiences. If you are a parent who reads, sings and talks to your infant then you are helping her develop important language-based neural connections. If you respond sensitively to your baby’s crying then you are also building the emotional connections that can lead to more balanced, healthier relationships.

Tips to help provide the best possible brain wiring for your baby.

• Give her a healthy start before she is born. Studies have proven that alcohol,
drug or cigarette abuse while pregnant causes lower intellectual development and can
be destructive to your baby’s brain in utero. Many of these children later in life
struggle with learning and behavioral problems.

• Talk to your baby. Vocalizations are good, and your responses to her vocalizations
should be positive and engaging. Smile when you respond. This input can help enrich the
areas in her brain for understanding language.

• Read to your baby. Hearing adults read can help his brain develop language connections.

• Always make your baby feel safe and protected. Respond to his cries with love
and consistency. He needs your attention. The new environment can be frightening at times
and you need to ensure that he is not stressed and always feels your loving presence
as much as possible.

How playing music may lead to better brain wiring

Recent observations are shedding new light on a new music technology that can teach your baby the concepts of MATH and PHYSICS at a far earlier age than otherwise possible. Through specific sequences of musical tones, a simple CD playing a scientifically-designed music track in the background can be dramatically beneficial in helping to wire your baby’s brain. Clinicians in the NICU have observed that using this new music therapy on babies born in critical condition actually brought their neurons back to life. These observations are so significant that a full clinical trial is set to begin in 2011 to determine it’s effects on normal preemies in the NICU.

Many different types of music recordings can be helpful in helping to promote your baby’s intelligence and better brain wiring. Especially if you can engage your baby in direct, tactile musical activity. Studies have shown that musically-trained and inclined people have a larger grey matter in their brains. However with this recent clinical observation, the MusicMath System CDs from SmartWav are showing significant promise and may be the best possible method – combined with everything you are already doing – to help build and improve your baby’s brain wiring.

Click the following link for more information about brain wiring and neuroplasticity »

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