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How does my baby’s brain wire itself? What is Neuroplasticity?



If you could wave a magic wand, would you wish to give your baby the best possible brain function, with an above-average ability to focus, to solve problems, and to learn multiple languages?
Billions of connections in your baby’s brain are making and breaking every second. These connections are called synapses, or neural pathways. The more pathways, the higher your baby’s cognitive function (i.e., the smarter your baby will be).
How are these connections made? They are made when they are used, or stimulated. Each of those areas of the brain need to be stimulated and the early formative years are the best time to provide this stimulation.
Experience and repetition are of the best methods to create and sustain these pathways. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, we often can’t spend enough time with our babies, ensuring that they are constantly learning and growing.


The MusicMath System™ Audio CDs can help. Play these CDs in the background and fill the room naturally with the stimulation your baby needs to help create more neural pathways.


Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change, to adapt, and to create new pathways. Recent discoveries have observed that different areas of the brain can even “regrow” new pathways, when another area is damaged, taking the place of the area that is no longer functioning properly.
For a new baby, it is crucial that he/she receives as much stimulation, experience and repetition as possible to ensure the new connections will stick (synapses), and to keep forming new pathways.


Using a brand new “Tonal Technology”, by simply playing these audio CDs we can now teach an infant to understand and visualize the concepts of math and physics at a much earlier age. This, then helps to establish earlier essential neural pathways which makes later learning far easier and more efficient.



The MusicMath System™ Audio recordings have been clinically observed to inspire complete neuronal reversal in babies who were born in critical condition and whose brain cells were otherwise dying.


These observations are so astounding, the MusicMath System™ has been chosen for a full clinical study!
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