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Praise for the MusicMath System™


“I absolutely love your product.

My son started crawling at 6 months with no interest in walking. At 9 months we purchased the Music/Math System and saw an astonishing leap in his cognitive and physical abilities only a few weeks. All of a sudden he started walking, and it only took him two days to figure it out. He went from crawling to practically running in just about a week. I joked with my husband about stopping the Music/Math System CD's because he was learning so much so fast! Now he learns very quickly whether it's a shape, puzzle or learning boundaries.Thank You SmartWav for giving my son a great start to a life full of learning!!"

Kalena T


“I played the Music/Math System to the fetus in my 3rd trimester

In and upon delivery ran the CD during her sleep cycles. I have noticed that her ability to focus on and reach for / grasp objects handed to her is far beyond that of her brother at her age. As she is getting older she is also able to determine that if a number of toys are placed in front of her and one is removed she notices immediately – something her brother was definitely unable to determine at the same age. I attribute these abilities to your product."

Faye D


“I am a firm believer in the Music/Math System.

In My 23 month old is speaking three word sentences and can say words with four syllables. Her Teacher says she is the only one who can recite the colors,shapes,numbers and letters after her, and is very impressed. I definitely recommend the Music/Math System to everyone.

Lily G


“I used the Music/Math System with my son (Jaedon).

He is now 2 1/2 years old. Jaedon has been talking since he was about 9 months and is presently speaking in full, coherent sentences.  It’s amazing that he actually understands the context in which he uses words. He is also counting to 100, saying his ABCs with phonics, sounds and has an extensive vocabulary. He has been a problem solver since he was 7months.
When people meet Jaedon they ask me if he is 4 or 5 years old. I believe that your MusicMath System has played a big part in his development. I would also regularly play the MusicMath System while talking with him, reading to him, and exposing him to different things. I think your System is so great I am now using it with my 7mth, who is already trying to talk as well.

De'Lisa O


“I believe your product has positively affected my twin boys.

I use it daily, at the same time each day, and I can honestly say that both twins have reached milestones earlier than most other babies their age. Their pediatrician is always impressed. They rolled over earlier, they sat up earlier, they crawled earlier, began standing earlier, and walked earlier than expected. They were very alert infants, and very aware of their surroundings at an extremely early age. I believe this was a result of the Music/Math System. Also they are able to respond to certain words and gestures that amazes me. This helps in our ability to communicate before they can even talk. I am so very thankful for your CD systems!”

Heather S


"Jakayah, our son, seemed to get a lot from the Music/Math System.

Most noticeable is the peace which accompanies the playing of the CD. You can actually see thinking going on when he listens. As a musician and a father I think both the BabySleep System and the Music/Math System have helped both our kids to switch on their core skills of thinking, breathing, and relaxing. Thank you. What's next?

Craig Trafford,  Early Ears Music




“Bryden was born 12-18-2008.

His diagnosis was eventually Persistant Fetal Circulation,and PPHN. He spent only about 45 minutes with us before eventually being med flighted to Children’s Hospital OKC for ECMO. He was critically ill, suffering massive strokes, brain bleeds, a liver laceration from chest compressions, etc. I have told you all of this so that you understand our appreciation to the NICU staff. They are now part of our family.
The doctors had told us that he would probably not wake up.  His CT scan showed near complete replacement of bilateral cerebral hemispheres due to liquefication necrosis from all of the strokes. They even talked to us about putting him in a long-term care hospital.
Instead, we brought him home with us.
One of the nursing managers talked to us about the MusicMath System audio series, and how it was supposed to increase the delta waves of the brain.  We felt that maybe if we gave him the stimulation before the connections were lost who knows how the brain could recover?
Bryden is now holding is head up, sitting up with some assistance, moving all extremities, giggling, smiling, taking some food from a bottle, and hearing, he is also tracking lights and shadows.
All of these things he has started doing since we have been playing your music. We don’t know for sure, but either we’ve just received a miracle or there’s something profoundly amazing about your recordings.
Our new aunties in the NICU are even amazed.”

– Taryn Anderson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Update: To date, there have been 5 subsequent instances of “miracle” neuronal rejuvenation when the MusicMath System CD was played in the NICU to patients born in critical condition.

A clinical trial is set to begin in 2011.

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