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Why is the MusicMath System™ Different from Other Educational Products?



Much different than lullabies, these CDs are scientifically engineered sequences of tones that allow your child an early opportunity to understand the foundation of math. In other words, the earlier you provide musical training of this type, the more of a jump start your child gets in higher level thinking skills.
Through scientifically-designed sequences of musical tones, the MusicMath System™ audio recordings present the foundations of spatial relationships, symmetry, distance, proportion, motion, depth perception, inclusion, resolution, cause and effect, binary relationships, and more.


Unlike the "DVD-Babysitters" that line the market shelves, the MusicMath System simply plays in the background, without disrupting the essential organic stimulus from parent or caregiver.

Also unlike any other music (even simple lullabies), the MusicMath System zooms down to the basic building-blocks of music, creating precise notes, their placement, their mathematical components, and their sequential movements which are designed to model basic PHYSICS and MATH.
According to the journal of Neuroscience, opening neural pathways in the brain leads to an better overall understanding of reasoning. This reasoning is crucial when applying math-based problem solving, which is central to our daily activities.
The Music Math System™ is designed to open the neural pathways in the brain using a unique tonal/musical method.Initial clinical observations have shown miraculous improvements in brain hardwiring (synapse formation) while the MusicMath System™ was played for infants who experienced serious problematic labors.


In response, the SmartWav team developed a new technology called "Pitch/Rhythm Mapping" that is integrated within the MusicMath System.  This new technology is set for a clinical trial to be tested on infants born prematurely, and eventually, to be tested as a possible prevention of Autism, Alzheimer's, and adult brain trauma rehabilitation.
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